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Natural Stones

Labradorite FTH-155

Laboridite FTH-155Delicate Labradorite chain with Bows.

Beautiful triple labradorite chain  with lace bows and medium labradorite stones surrounded by  ornate gold caps.  This set is  timeless and delicate. A great set for any occasion day or night.  

Necklace is 20″ with a 3″ center drop and finished with delicate white ribbon […]

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Easter Parade FTH-152

Easter ParadeFTH152Vintage Brooch with Coral,Dark Green Agate and Freshwater Pearls

The photo does not reflect the true colors of this set.  The green agate and natural orange coral are eye popping. The vintage brooch is circa 1960’s set in gold with crystals and radiant iridescent cut glass. This […]

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Wrapper/Dangle FTH-001s

Wrapper and Dangle FTH-001sMother of Pearl,Onyx, and Dark Green Agate

This 2 piece set is fun. The bracelet is memory wire for an easy fit for nearly everyone. It wraps around 3 times with two dangles for a modern flair. The colors are awesome.

Bracelet […]

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Delilah FTH-151

Delilah FTH-151Triple Strand. Rose Quartz, Freshwater Pearls,Silver

This 2 piece set is very elegant. Three strands combined together to give a modern look that is classy. The inside length is 16″ with grey freshwater pearls and rose quartz with silver spacers and pink vintage faux pearls. […]

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Amethyst And Peridot FTH-e106

Paridot-amethyst FTH-e106Delicate and Elegant Amethyst Chips and Peridot Teardrops in Gold

Earrings are 1 1/2″ with 14K fishhook earwires.

Price $25.00                                   Subject to availability.

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Sweetness FTH-140

Sweetness FTH-140Porcelain Blue Rose with Natural Stones

  Natural stones of rose quartz, lace blue agate and mother of pearl with silver spacers accent a porcelain blue rose pendant with delicate white and pink roses.  The pendant was redesigned from an old clip earring.

Necklace is 18″ .  Pendant […]

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Brown Agate FTH-e49

brown agate fth-e49Oval Brown Agate with Silver Ends

Earrings are 1 1/2″ with silver plated leverback style.

Price $18.00              Subject to availability

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Cats Meow FTH091

cats meow fth091Vintage Cat with Onyx and Fire Polished Glass

This might look like a snake but it’s a fantastic cat. Vintage circa 1970’s this is a true statement piece. Surrounded by beautiful onyx teardrop stones with gold spacers and fire polished glass in […]

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Goldstone FTH-e31

goldstone fth31Round Goldstone and Square Amber Colored Beads with Yellow Crystals

Earrings are 1 1/2″ long with gold plate fishhook earwires.

Price $18.00                     Subject to availability

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Ivory FTH-e96

ivory flowerfht96Rose Quartz and Ivory

Beautiful Ivory flower with rose quartz that dangle.

Earrings are 1 1/4″ with stirling fishhook earwire.

Price $20.00           Subject to availability

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